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Rajasthan Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot has launched Online Shramik Employment Exchange – Raj Kaushal Yojana Portal rajkaushal.rajasthan.gov.in. It is a unified portal for employment / self-employment of available manpower in the state. Jan Shakti (Job Seekers) Register/Login, Apply for Jobs, Visit your Dashboard, Search for Employment, Change Profile/ Download Resume, Enter Training Requirement. Employer registration / login, enter job, go to your dashboard, search labor / (man-shakti), details of people applying, enter information to give employment. Placement Agency registration / login, enter employment, go to your dashboard, search for labor / (man-power), details of people applying, enter information to give employment. In this article, you can know complete information about Raj Kaushal Yojana.

Raj Kaushal Yojana in Hindi

Rajasthan government has launched an Online Labour Employment Exchange portal namely Raj Kaushal Yojana Portal for labourers, employers and placement agencies. This labour employment exchange will ensure providing jobs to workers / labourers. With this online website, the mismatch b/w demand and supply of workers in the state will be addressed. The industrial units can raise their demands on the portal. The process to apply online for labourers by filling workers application / registration form has started.

Objective of Raj Kaushal Yojana

“Raj Kaushal Yojana” online platform has been prepared to provide employment opportunities near home to the residents of Rajasthan state and to ensure availability of required qualified personnel for various business activities, its main objectives:-

  • Providing an online platform for service providers and clients
  • Providing local personnel to the organization / firm / company / businessman / individual etc. as per requirement.
  • Providing information about service providers near home to job seekers
  • To upgrade skill by getting special training of labor force as per requirement.
  • To prepare their track record and database to assist in the formulation of schemes for the upliftment of the available labor force in the state.
  • By acting as an online employment center, ensuring employment opportunities and supply of industrial labor to the unemployed in times of epidemic or calamity like Korana.
  • increase per capita income
  • Availability of local resources for disaster management

Check Objectives of Raj Kaushal Yojana through the link – https://rajkaushal.rajasthan.gov.in/RajKaushalYojna.aspx

What is Raj Kaushal (Rajasthan Labor Employment Exchange)

Answer: This is a master data base of all the service categories of manpower/labourers and employers available in Rajasthan. In this, the data of different types of manpower available with the state government (construction workers, COVID migrant workers, registered unemployed, RSLDC trained, II trained etc.) has been brought together. Also, all the institutes available in the state (industry/trade training institutes) which are capable of providing employment have been brought to this master data base on the basis of BRN (Business Registration Number) or UAN (Udhyog Aadhar Number).

Labor / Jan-Shakti Registration on Raj Kaushal Yojana Portal

  1. For this, the workers can go to sso.rajasthan.gov.in or https://rajkaushal.rajasthan.gov.in/Index.aspx By accessing Rajkaushal application in G2C application by login with your SSO ID.
  2. By visiting the nearest eMitra Kiosk.

Create SSO ID (Registration) – https://sso.rajasthan.gov.in/register

Login to SSO – https://sso.rajasthan.gov.in/signin

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Raj Kaushal Yojna Portal While registering labor / manpower, if his data is available in Raj Kaushal, then some information will be filled automatically as well as his employment status, service category, type of work, educational qualification, technical qualification, training. You can get yourself registered by entering the requirement etc.

Employer Registration on Raj Kaushal

Any employer can get the employer registered on the Raj Kaushal Yojana portal by using his SSO ID himself or through the service available at E Mitra Kiosk. First of all the employer has to enter the BRN (Business Registration Number). If the employer does not have a BRN number then he can take the BRN immediately by using the given link. Most of the employer information will be auto-populated based on the BRN registration. He will be able to register his Raj Kaushal Yojana portal by filling information related to manpower related officer/employee here. On registration, it will be notified by SMS.

Services on Raj Kaushal Portal for Labor / Manpower

  • Registration.
  • Viewing, updating profiles.
  • Adding a New Service/Skill
  • Updating employment status.
  • Finding available jobs based on the category of service and work you do.
  • Indicating your interest in any available employment, doing so will make the information available to the employer concerned.
  • Checking the status of your applications.
  • Recording the need for training.

Services on Raj Kaushal Portal for Employers (Industry/Business/Training Institute/Contractor)

  • registration
  • Viewing, updating profiles.
  • Entering the Employment Requirement at Your Institution
  • The available labor/manpower will be visible to him on the basis of the recorded requirement. After seeing the profile of any of them, the employer will be able to send SMS to him.
  • Employers can search from the available manpower/manpower on the basis of their requirement (category of service, work base, address etc.), and can show their interest by sending SMS to the profile of any worker/manpower.

If any labor manpower is selected by the employer on the basis of the interest received from the labor / manpower against the recorded requirement or the interest shown by himself, then this information will have to be updated by the employer.

Important instructions for labor / manpower and employer

  • The labor / manpower will have to check the authenticity of the employer at their own level. Raj Kaushal Yojana Portal / Government of Rajasthan will not have any responsibility in this regard.
  • It will be the employer’s own responsibility to check the skill/aptitude of labor/manpower before giving employment or taking service. Raj Kaushal Yojana Portal / Rajasthan Government will not have any responsibility in this regard.

Download Raj Kaushal Yojana PDF – https://rajkaushal.rajasthan.gov.in/RajEmployment/Documnets/Raj_Kaushal_Yojna.pdf


पता: Sh. Dharmpal Singh (Joint Labour Commissioner)
Email: lab-djtlc-jaip-rj[at]Thread[dot]in

Contact Link – https://rajkaushal.rajasthan.gov.in/Contact.aspx

Employers who are willing to put up recruitment banners on Raj Kaushal Yojana Portal to provide employment opportunities in their institutions, they can contact our email [email protected] You can send your advertisement on

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