National Beggars Rehabilitation Scheme 2021 to be Launched by Central Govt

Central government is going to launch National Beggars Rehabilitation Scheme 2021 soon. The new national scheme for comprehensive rehabilitation of beggars aims to deal with beggary as a social problem and not looking at it as a criminal act. In this article, we will tell you about the complete details of Union govt’s scheme for comprehensive rehab of beggars.

What is National Beggars Rehabilitation Scheme 2021

To create a grassroot level outreach of National Beggars Rehabilitation Scheme, a 10-city pilot project is already in progress. Ministry of social justice and empowerment (MSJE) is implementing the comprehensive scheme on rehab for beggars. This scheme is part of the “Support for Marginalised Individual Livelihood and Enterprise Scheme” that will also include a separate scheme for welfare of transgender persons.

Under the National Beggars Rehabilitation Scheme, the ministry will call upon states to share their proposals to support on-ground outreach in select cities and municipal areas to identify and rehabilitate beggars.

Mainstreaming of Beggars / Destitute / Homeless Persons

In a bid to enable a long-term solution, MSJE is also working on a draft bill to make way for a model central legislation that would offer a rehabilitation framework to enable main-streaming of beggars, destitutes and homeless persons. The ministry is working on finalising a draft which can be suitably adapted by states and UTs and will provide a framework for care, protection, shelter, welfare and rehabilitation mechanism.

Budget for National Beggars Rehabilitation Scheme

The comprehensive rehab scheme for beggars is the government’s way to scale up the outreach on proactive rehabilitation beyond the ongoing 10-city pilot for which Rs. 19 crore was allocated. An amount of Rs 100 crore has been earmarked for the project for a 5-year period and the ministry will call for proposals from states and municipal bodies.

Components under Scheme for Rehab of Beggars

The components that will be supported under the scheme include a survey to identify those involved in begging, followed by mobilisation, rescue and linkages with available shelter homes, welfare schemes, identity documents and complete resettlement which will be enabled through education for children and skill development and training for adults.

Pilot Project for National Beggar Rehabilitation Scheme

The ministry is running pilot projects in Indore, Patna, Bengaluru, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Delhi, Nagpur, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Recently Delhi released survey data under the pilot to say that there are 20,700 people involved in begging and put the estimated numbers to be higher at around 28000. The state government has prepared a skilling and rehab roadmap. Indore too has completed the survey and identified more than 2500 beggars.

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