MP Rojgar Setu Yojana Portal Registration 2021 at

Madhya Pradesh government is inviting online applications for MP Rojgar Setu Yojana 2021 at or The main objective is to provide jobs to skilled migrant labourers who have returned from other states or are already residing in MP state. Employers / MSME / Industry Owners / Organisations / Builders and other job providers can make MP Rojgar Setu Yojana Portal Registration.

What is MP Rojgar Setu Yojana 2021

In MP Rojgar Setu Yojana, the state govt. will prepare a skill register of migrants to provide them with employment opportunities. The state govt. will provide jobs to around 10 to 13 lakh unemployed migrant labourers who are displaced from their working state due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has issued directions to the officials to provide work to returning migrants on a fast track basis. Moreover, short term planning and long term planning would be made to provide job security to skilled migrant labourers through MP Rojgar Setu Yojana. For unskilled workers, govt. has already started Shram Siddhi Abhiyan. Now all those who wants to offer jobs to the skilled migrant labourers can apply online at

The main aim is to link the skilled migrant labourers with the employers (job providers). As a part of short term planning, govt. has taken data from panchayats and regularize migrant workers in construction, industries, factories and other businesses.

Employment Setu Scheme in Hindi

In the event of lock-down due to corona virus infection, the process of returning migrant workers stranded in other states to the state continues. According to the instructions of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, the ‘Rozgar Setu’ scheme has been started to provide work in industries, schemes, construction works etc. to the laborers who have returned from other states according to their skills. Madhya Pradesh is the first state in the country to plan and implement such a scheme.

In such a situation, the Government of Madhya Pradesh has started the Rozgar Setu scheme with the aim of providing employment opportunities to the workers who have returned from other states. An online database of all migrant workers is being created to provide employment opportunities to all the workers as per their locale.

Under the ‘Rozgar Setu’ scheme, survey of skilled and unskilled migrant workers is being done by all the Gram Panchayats and ward offices of urban areas of the state. Before the lockdown, the workers who were employed in factories, industries, employment in other states are also being surveyed. At the time of the survey, the information about their prior employment and skills is also being recorded online on the migrant labor portal. The work of creating all the databases on the portal has also been started. The workers returning from other states will get a lot of relief through this scheme. All the workers will have to register themselves under this scheme through Panchayat / Ward office to take advantage of this scheme.

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There is also a facility for registration of institutions, industries, factories, employments etc. on the “Rozgar Setu” portal. After registration, all the employers can identify the workers according to the skill of their field as per their requirement from the database of their migrant workers and give them employment. Through the “Rozgar Setu” portal, skilled laborers will be able to get proper employment work in their own village/city according to their skills. Local skilled workers of their own area will also be easily available to the employers engaged in industries, planning and construction works.

MP Rojgar Setu Yojana Portal Registration 2021 / Login

Madhya Pradesh govt. has started MP Rojgar Setu Yojana 2021 to provide information of skilled migrant workers and employers on a single platform. Here are the important details of the Rozgar Setu Scheme in the MP state.

Employer / MSME / Industry / Job Providers Register Online

Here is the complete process for employer, MSME, industry and other job providers to register online:-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the official website at

STEP 2: At the homepage, click at the “Employers / Micro, Small, Medium, Large Scale Industries / Factories / Business Establishments / Institutions / Contractors
Register / Builder / builder / shop / mall / placement agency
” tab as shown below or directly click

MP Rojgar Setu Employer MSME Industry Job Provider Register Online

STEP 3: On the next page, click at the “Register Employer / Industry / Factory / Institutions / Contractors / Placement Agency” link or directly click

STEP 4: Afterwards, the MP Rojgar Setu Employers Online Registration Form 2021 will appear as shown below:-

MP Rojgar Setu Employers Registration Form
MP Rojgar Setu Employers Registration Form

STEP 5: Here applicants can enter details such as employer details, owner / manager details and click at the “Register Details” button to complete the MP Rojgar Setu Yojana Portal registration process.

MP Rojgar Setu Portal Login

Here is the complete process for employer, MSME, industry and other job providers to make MP Rojgar Setu Portal Login:-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the official website at

STEP 2: At the homepage, click at the “Login” link present on the top right corner of the page.

STEP 3: Direct Link –

STEP 4: Then the MP Rojgar Setu Yojana Portal Login page will open as shown below:-

MP Rojgar Setu Portal Login
MP Rojgar Setu Portal Login

STEP 5: Here applicants can enter username, password, captcha and then hit at “Login” button to make MP Rojgar Setu Yojna Portal Login.

Employing Institutions, Factories, Contractors Attention

  • Workers employed in other states have returned to their home state Madhya Pradesh due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Local migrant workers should contribute to make them self-reliant and empower Madhya Pradesh by giving employment in their institutions according to their skills.
  • According to the skill and skill of 43 categories of construction workers, 40 of unorganized workers and 9 categories employed in factories, information of migrant workers has been registered on the Rozgar Setu portal.
  • Employers / micro, small, medium, large scale industries / factories / business establishments / institutions / contractors / builders / builders / shops / malls / placement agencies who are in need of workers and interested in employment should register on the Employment Setu Portal.
  • After registration, you will be able to get the list of local workers on the portal based on experience/skill and district and if found suitable, you will be able to provide employment by contacting the mobile number.
  • Through Rojgar Setu Portal, skilled laborers will get proper employment in their own village/city as far as possible according to their skills.

Through the Rojgar Setu Portal, the employer can publish the information about the vacancies of Human Resources available in his institution on the portal.

Search Migrant Worker Information – MP Rojgar Setu Yojana Application Status

Click at the link – in order to track MP Rojgar Setu Yojana Application Status. On clicking this link, you can search details of migrant labourers.

MP Rojgar Setu Yojana Application Status
MP Rojgar Setu Yojana Application Status

Here applicants can search migrant workers details through mobile number, Samagra ID, bank account number and click at “search” button to track MP Rojgar Setu Yojana Application Status.

HR / Migrant Workers Attention

  • In the event of lock-down due to corona virus infection, migrant workers who have come to their place of residence from other states should register on the portal through their Gram Panchayat / Ward Office.
  • In the registration, the workers must register their employment, skill and skill information on the portal.
  • After registration, the data of workers will be displayed to all the employers on the Employment Setu Portal.
  • As far as possible, employment will be provided to local workers in their institutions by the employers according to their skills and skills.
  • Efforts will be made by the administration for skill development of registered migrant workers.

Skilled Migrant Workers Registration – How to Apply

Migrant workers who are natives of Madhya Pradesh who do not have a Samagra ID, ID will be generated on the Samagra portal as per the due process. Only after this the survey, verification and registration of these workers will be ensured by mentioning the entire ID on the work portal. According to the issued instructions, it will be mandatory to enter the Samagra ID and Aadhar card number on the portal. Survey, verification and registration will be done for those workers who are eligible for registration in ‘Chief Minister Jan-Kalyan (Sambal) Yojana’ or ‘Building and other construction workers welfare board’.

Instructions have been given to get the information in the prescribed survey form from the eligible migrant workers and upload it on the portal and keep the survey form safe in the records. The Secretary of the Gram Panchayat and the ward in-charge in urban areas will ensure the assistance of the applicant in filling the survey form. All this action will be taken under the guidance of District Collector. The Chief Executive Officer for rural areas, Chief Municipal Officer for urban areas and Municipal Corporations shall have officers authorized by the Commissioner.

Migrant Workers Skill Register at Rojgar Setu Portal

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has issued directions to prepare MP Migrant Labourers Skill Register on a panchayat wise basis. This Migrant Workers Skill Register will contain the details about the skills as well as other information. The information present at the Rojgar Setu Portal will include personal details, educational qualifications, skills, earlier job, previous salary, previous employers, expected monthly salary and interested area of working of migrants.

Madhya Pradesh govt. will upload all the details on the MP Rojgar Setu Yojana Portal for ease of employers finding suitable working personnels. At this portal, employers can access the complete information of registered migrant labourers which would be made available to them. These job providers can then select the migrant workers as per their skills and requirement. The micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME sector) will play an important role in providing jobs.

List of Sectors in which Migrants will get Employment

The complete list of sectors in which migrant workers will get employment are as follows:-

A) Building and Other Construction Workers

B) Brick Kiln Mining

C) Textile

D) Factory

E) Agriculture & Allied Activities

F) Other Govt. Sectors

The returning migrant workers are primarily coming from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Karnataka and Rajasthan states.

To provide employment to migrant skilled workers, we have created Rozgar Setu. The work of making a list of the skilled laborers in this has started from today. We will connect these laborers and entrepreneurs through one platform, so that the need of both can be fulfilled.

For more details, visit the official MP Rojgar Setu Yojana website at

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