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Madhya Pradesh govt. has changed the name of Indira Grah Jyoti Yojana (IGJY) to Atal Grah Jyoti Yojana (AGJY). Under this IGJY or AGJY scheme, government provides subsidy on electricity consumption to all households. In case the family consumes more than specified units in a month, then they will have to pay for the entire consumption at the existing rate. MP Indira Grah Jyoti Yojna / Atal Grah Jyoti Yojana would cost the state government around Rs. 2,581 crore.

In this article, we will tell you about the complete details of Atal Griha Jyoti Scheme. After reading this article, you would be able to know how much subsidy would be given under Atal Grih Jyoti Yojana, how to apply online, eligibility and other aspects regarding the AGJY scheme.

The primary objective of Indira Grah Jyoti Scheme is to provide financial assistance to the citizens of the state specially belonging to poor families.

MP Indira Grah Jyoti Yojana (Indira Grih Jyoti Yojana – IGJY) 2021

Madhya Pradesh cabinet has approved renaming of MP Indira Grah Jyoti Yojana (IGJY) to Atal Grah Jyoti Yojana (AGJY) in order to provide subsidized electricity to all families in the state. Atal Grih Jyoti Yojana is for all the general electricity consumers in MP and is applicable for all sections of the society.

MP Indira Grah Jyoti Yojana (IGJY) is going to reduce the burden of increasing electricity bills. Indira Grah Jyoti Scheme would also encourage people to save electricity and thus will reduce the overall power consumption.

MP Atal Grah Jyoti Yojana (AGJY) Benefits in Hindi – Atal Grih Jyoti Yojana Benefits

The benefits of “Indira Griha Jyoti Yojana” should be expanded with the following provisions for permanent domestic electricity consumers in the state:

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1. The benefit of Indira Griha Jyoti Yojana should be given to all such domestic consumers whose monthly consumption is up to 150 units. For this, proportionate monthly consumption based on the difference between the dates of the two readings should be determined as entitlement. For example, the monthly consumption for eligibility would be 135 units for readings in 27 days and the monthly consumption for eligibility would be 175 units for readings in 35 days. The monthly consumption prescribed for each monthly reading as above should be considered as ‘Eligibility Unit’.

2. Under Indira Griha Jyoti Yojana, eligible consumers who consume up to ‘eligibility unit’ as above, should be billed for the first 100 units up to a maximum of Rs 100 and for 100 units consumption, M.P. The difference between the bill calculated at the rate fixed by the Electricity Regulatory Commission and Rs 100 should be given by the state government as subsidy to the distribution companies.

3. On the consumption of more than 100 units in a month by the beneficiary consumers but up to ‘eligible units’, the amount payable for the first 100 units will be Rs.100, which will also include meter rent and electricity charges. For units above 100 units and remaining to the extent of ‘Eligibility Unit’, M.P. The bill will be payable as per the rate prescribed in the prevailing tariff order issued by the Electricity Regulatory Commission. In case of increase in fixed charges due to consumption more than 100 units, the difference amount will be payable by the beneficiary himself to the distribution companies.

4. If the consumer consumes more than the ‘Eligibility Unit’ in a month, the benefit of the scheme should not be given to the consumer in that month and on his entire consumption, MP. The bill should be given at the rates fixed by the Electricity Regulatory Commission.

5. Under the scheme LV Domestic consumers of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes living below the poverty line of category 1.1 will be paid only Rs 25 for monthly consumption of up to 30 units, whose bill should be collected in three / four months, and the amount of difference will be given by the state government. Subsidy should be given to distribution companies. If the monthly consumption of such consumers is more than 30 units, they should be given the same monthly bill as other consumers as per clause (ii) and (iii) above, in which the bill up to 30 units of the previous such month/months will be charged at Rs.25 per month. The amount should be included without any surcharge, for which the bill was yet to be paid.

6. There is no provision for providing unmetered connection in urban areas in the Tariff Order of Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission, so accordingly, appropriate efforts should be made by the distribution companies to install 100% meters in the domestic consumer premises.

7. Calculation of bills of unmetered consumers with connected load up to 500 W in rural areas as per departmental circular dated 13.02.2019 at the rate applicable for unmetered connection of sub-category (ii) of category LV 1.2 as prescribed by the Commission in the tariff order. To be done

8. After the implementation of Indira Griha Jyoti Yojana in the above inclusive form, all other subsidies being given to domestic consumers should be abolished.

9. The bills to be issued under this scheme (except spot bills) should be printed in a different color and the subsidy provided by the government should be clearly mentioned in the bills.

10. The scheme should be implemented in the revised format as above from 1st September, 2019 and the next billing cycle starting after that.

11. In case of meter failure in the premises of the consumers in whose premises meters were installed earlier, billing should be done by determining the consumption as per the norms of the Commission. Prompt action should be taken to replace faulty meters.

12. In addition to the norms prescribed by the Electricity Regulatory Commission by the distribution companies, no other unit should be added to the estimated unit bill.

13. Publicity should be done at the field level by the distribution companies and power management company for the implementation of the expanded form of the scheme.

14. Necessary changes should be made in the software of the power companies at the earliest to pass on the benefits to the consumers from the next billing cycle.

The slab of electricity duty varies on 100 units, so instead of adding it to the difference between the dates of reading, electricity duty should be levied at the rate of 9 percent for the first 100 units and at the rate of 12 percent for consumption more than 100 units. . Information about changes in the scheme as mentioned above. To be made available to the Electricity Regulatory Commission. If partial changes are required from the point of view of implementation of the scheme, the proposal should be made available by the distribution companies to the Energy Department.

MP Atal Griha Jyoti Yojana in Madhya Pradesh Budget 2021

In the recent Madhya Pradesh budget 2021, the state govt. has allocated Rs. 2581 crore for the implementation of Atal Griha Jyoti Yojana. Here is the snapshot of the budgetary allocation PDF for Atal Griha Jyoti Yojana:-

MP Atal Grah Jyoti Yojana Budgetary Allocation

MP Budget Speech:

Madhya Pradesh IGJY Scheme Eligibility Criteria

Below is the complete eligibility criteria to become eligible for subsidy in power connections:-

  • IGJY Scheme is applicable only for the Madhya Pradesh citizens.
  • All the general electricity consumers which consumes less than specified units every month.
  • Beneficiaries of the previous Saral Scheme and Sambhal Yojana are also eligible.

IGJY Extension Order –

In order to apply online, visit the official website at

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