Haryana Khel Nursery Yojana 2022-23 Application Form PDF at haryanasports.gov.in

Haryana government is running a Sports Nursery Scheme 2022-2023 for running of khel nursery by schools. Haryana Khel Nursery Yojana 2022-23 application form PDF is available to download from haryanasports.gov.in. In this article, we will give you the direct link to open and download Application Form for Sports Nurseries through Haryana Sports & Youth Affairs Department website. We will even specify the terms and conditions on fulfillment of which khel nurseries can be opened.

About Haryana Sports Nursery Scheme 2022-23

With an aim to promote sports, applications are invited from government, private educational institutions and private sports institutions to setup sports nurseries in the state. Haryana Sports Nursery Scheme aims to promote sports and groom the sports talents at grassroot level in the state. Under Haryana Khel Nursery Yojana, sports nurseries would be set up for sports included in Olympic, Asian and Commonwealth games.

Download Haryana Sports Nurseries Application Form PDF

Below is the complete process to download Haryana Sports Nursery Scheme Application Form PDF:-

STEP 1: Firstly visit the official website of Haryana Sports Department at http://haryanasports.gov.in/

haryanasports gov Sports Nursery Apply Link

STEP 2: At the homepage, click at the “Application Form for Sports Nursery” link or directly click http://haryanasports.gov.in/application-form-for-sports-nursery

STEP 3: At the opened page, you will have to choose the “Application Form for Sports Nursery” link as shown below:-

Haryana Khel Nursery Yojana Apply Link
Haryana Khel Nursery Yojana Apply Link

STEP 4: Direct Linkhttp://haryanasports.gov.in/sites/default/files/2021/10.12.2021/Nursery%20application%20form.pdf

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STEP 5: Upon clicking this link, the Haryana Khel Nursery Yojana Application Form PDF will appear as shown below:-

Haryana Khel Nursery Yojana Application Form PDF
Haryana Khel Nursery Yojana Application Form PDF

STEP 6: Applicant institutions can download this Haryana Sports Nursery Scheme application form PDF and fill all the asked details accurately before final submission.

Last Date to Apply for Haryana Khel Nursery Yojana 2022-23

The last date to Apply for Haryana Khel Nursery Yojana 2022-23 is 20 January 2022. All the interested institutions should apply to the concerned District Sports and Youth Affairs Officers.

Haryana Khel Nursery Yojana Advertisement 2022-23

The advertisement for applying for Haryana Khel Nursery Yojana 2022-23 has been released at the official website of department of Sports & Youth Affairs in Haryana.

Haryana Sports Nursery Scheme 2022-2023 Advertisement
Haryana Sports Nursery Scheme 2022-2023 Advertisement

Haryana Khel Nursery Yojana – Terms and Conditions

The Department of Sports & Youth Affairs Government of Haryana is implementing the scheme of running Khel Nurseries by the Schools. High Schools and Senior Secondary Schools are covered in Haryana Sports Nursery Scheme. The following terms and conditions are applicable for Haryana Khel Nursery Yojana:-

  • Private and Government High Schools and Senior Secondary Schools are eligible to apply. A school will not be allotted more than two khel nurseries.
  • The School should have the Playground/Court/Hall and other facilities of the game for which sports nursery is applied by it.
  • The School allotted Sports Nursery has to conduct Sports & Physical Aptitude Test/Game test for the students under the supervision of District Sports & Youth Affairs Officer (DSYAO) in the age group of 8 to 19 Years.
  • The Khel Nurseries can be opened in sports disciplines played in Olympics Games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games or National Games and the corresponding Para tournaments.
  • 25 students will be selected by the school for the nursery based on the test. Besides, 25 students will be selected and placed in the waiting list. In case any trainee leaves the nursery at any time for any reason, the resultant vacancy will be filled up from the waiting list in the order of seniority. If the number of student-trainees falls below 20 at any time, the nursery will be closed.
  • Attendance of the players and coaches will be marked by the School regularly.
  • The School will provide the Sports Kit to the selected trainees/players.
  • The students have to attend coaching session in Khel Nursery for at least 22 days in a month to be entitled for scholarship/diet money.
  • Sportspersons have to keep themselves away from drugs and anti-social activities.
  • Sportspersons have to maintain strict discipline.
  • The DSYAO will regularly inspect and monitor the nurseries. It will be ensured by the DSYAO that the nurseries are run as per the terms and conditions & the funds are spent strictly as per the scheme.
  • Sports Department reserves the right to withdraw scholarship and/or honorarium in case of any violation.

Scholarship / Diet Money in Haryana Sports Nursery Scheme

Scholarship/diet money will be paid to the students under Haryana Sports Nursery Scheme as follows:-

  • Rs. 1500/- per month per player in age group 8-14 years.
  • Rs. 2000/- per month per player in age group 15-19 years.

The scholarship/diet money to the student-trainees will be paid by the DSYAO in their bank accounts on monthly basis, on submission of the information regarding the name of the Student, Father’s name, Date of birth, Aadhar no. & Mob. No., along with an attested copy of the attendance registers.

Honorarium to Coaches under Haryana Khel Nursery Yojana

Under Haryana Khel Nursery Yojana, honorarium to coaches will be given as under:-

  • Rs. 25000 per month for Coaching Diploma holders from NIS Patiala or any Institute recognized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports as equivalent to NIS, Patiala; and
  • Rs. 20000 per month for M.P.Ed or D.P.Ed or M.A. (Physical Education) or NIS Certificate Course in Coaching. In this case, the person must also be a national player in the concerned game.

The honorarium to the Coach will be paid by the school in his/her bank account. Thereafter, it will be reimbursed in the account of the School by the DSYAO, on submission of an application by the School, along with the receipt obtained from the coach regarding payment of the honorarium.

Coach Selection in Haryana Sports Nurseries Scheme

It is important to note that the Coach will be engaged by the School. The qualification of the selected Coach will be got checked from the concerned DSYAO by the School. The responsibility of the DSYAO will be only to ensure that only qualified Coach is engaged by the School as per the qualifications mentioned in the terms and conditions.

Reimbursement of Expenses on Sports Equipment / Consumables

Upto Rs. 1.00 lakh per year will be reimbursed to the School for expenses incurred on sports equipment/consumables. The purchase will be supervised by the Deputy Commissioner/or his representative(s). The expenditure incurred on sports equipment/consumables by the school in the sanctioned game will be paid by the DSYAO in the bank account of the School after physical verification of the items and examination of vouchers, on submission of an application by the school in this regard, giving full details of the expenditure incurred, duly supported by vouchers.

Haryana Sports Nursery Scheme is intended to popularize the sports at the grass-root level by utilizing the sports infrastructure / facilities in the institutions. It will be implemented subject to availability of funds. It confirms no right of any kind whatsoever on any institution or player.

For more details on Khel Nursery Yojana terms and conditions, click the link – http://haryanasports.gov.in/sites/default/files/2019/14.06.2019/Term%20%26%20Conditions%20Nursery.pdf

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