Delhi E-Mart Portal for Artisans | Digital Monitoring of Van Dhan Start-Ups

Delhi government is going to launch an Delhi E-Mart Portal for Artisans as an e-marketplace by July 2022. This E-Mart for Artisans will host around 5,000 tribal artisans to start off with. The state govt. sees this e-mart as way to create an independent online space of artisans to put out their products which have been wasting away in the absence of buyers. Moreover, the govt. is going to start Digital Monitoring of Van Dhan Start-Ups.

The state govt. will start with Delhi E-Mart Portal for about 5000 artisans. The target is to eventually scale up to connect 5 lakh tribals through this E-Mart Portal to the buyers directly. Delhi govt. will take digital route to ensure real-time tracking of the scheme. It will involve value addition to forest produce at the Van Dhan Vikas Kendras (VDVKs) at the village level. These are being classified as start-up tribal enterprises.

Delhi E-Mart Portal for Artisans

The state govt. has already commissioned on trial Delhi E-Mart Portal for artisans. This website will give all details, statistics and real-time information of the VDVKs. Moreover, E-Mart Artisans Portal will also enable GPS linkages to connect those executing the activities in the villages to those who are digitally monitoring the scheme in the states and in the central government.

Digital Monitoring of Van Dhan Star-Ups

After the trial run of digital monitoring of Van Dhan Start-Ups, a formal launch of E-Mart Portal is expected. Around 1205 Van Dhan Startups have been established so far to provide employment opportunities to 3.6 lakh tribal gatherers and around 18,000 Self Help Groups in around 22 states. The main aim of the Start-ups scheme is to increase the coverage to around 10 lakh tribal gatherers.

This would be done through the Covid-19 relief plan of the ministry of tribal affairs of central government. Around Rs. 15 lakh from central govt. has been provided to each of these VDVKs centres. Till date, around 25% to 30% of this grant has been spent by VDVKs on activities such as purchase of raw materials, labour costs etc.

In case of Nagaland, approx. 3.5 crore worth of sales of products have already happened under the Van Dhan Startup scheme. Around 2000 products have been identified throughout the country that have marketing potential. Certain examples of products includes wild honey, hill broom grass sticks, donna pattal, coffee, bay leaf, bel pulp among others.

Manipur state has 77 Van Dhan Kendras acting as case study as it has adopted food safety and hygiene standards at all its centres to enable standardization.

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