Curfew pass will be made on Arogya Setu App. Apply Online for E-Pass, Lockdown Pass on Arogya Setu

The first 21-day lockdown was done due to Corona in the country, now this lockdown has been extended. Now this lockdown will continue till May 3, but in the second lockdown, some restrictions have been removed by the government, but its Benefit can also be made only if a person has an e-pass issued by the government, In such a situation, recently launched by Sarkara The option of e-pass has been put in the Arogya Setu app.

Now soon the residents of any state will be able to get the curfew e-pass made easily by the residents of any state through Arogya Setu. If you want to know how you can go online through Aarogya Setu App. E-pass If you can make it, then read this article of ours till the end.

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Arogya Setu App e-pass Online Curfew / E-Pass on Arogya Setu App

Ever since the corona infection has started spreading in the country, since then there are many people in every state who provide essential services or are eligible for this pass, but due to the difficult process, they are not able to get e-pass made. Were. Earlier this process was handed over to the police administration in some states, due to which it became very difficult to make an e-pass, while in some states a site was also created for the curfew e-pass, but people could not understand the process even on that. Therefore, now curfew is going to give the option of e-pass through Arogya Setu, so that you can now get the pass easily.

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Arogya Setu mobile application is very effective

The Arogya Setu App was created by the government to fight against Corona. As soon as any person downloads this app and registers himself in it, then this app alerts the person to corona through phone’s location, bluetooth and phone number. That is, this app gives you a signal when you are around a corona patient or near a high risk area.

Not only this, if you yourself have not become infected with corona through Arogya Setu, it also provides an option to see. This app can be downloaded on both Android and Apple phones. Within 13 days of its launch, this app has been downloaded by about 5 crore people.

Eligibility and Documents for Curfew E-Pass

E-passes were being issued in every state according to their own rules, so it may happen that the eligibility and documents are same on the e-passes made on this app.

  • Aadhar card will be mandatory for e-pass
  • copy of business license
  • E mail ID
  • phone number
  • visiting card
  • You will also have to tell what works

Online Curfew E-pass on Arogya Setu App | how to make online curfew pass on arogya setu app

You have to download the app from Play Store or Apple Store, after that you have to register yourself in the app with your number. After this process is completed, the option of e-pass will appear in front of you.

It is to be known that only this option has come on this and soon it will be possible to get a pass through it. Because this app also works on location, then there will be no need to choose the state. That is, you only have to upload your documents and your e-pass will be generated.

If you are thinking that pass will be issued to every person through this curfew e-pass, then it is wrong. Only those people who would have got exemption from lockdown will get this pass. Apart from this, it can be that e-pass can be made in case of emergency, or travel e-pass can be made. However, all these things will be confirmed only when this option is enabled.

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